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A very fine Burmese Dah
Silver, ivory and Niello
Superb blade
A rare high quality sword

A very fine Burmese Dah Dha Darb Daab sword parang knife dagger lance spear epee sabre silver ivory and Niello Superb blade A rare high quality sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and very rare Burmese Dah or Dha with Niello'd silver dress and a very fine blade.

This heavy Dah measures 73.4cms long in its scabbard, is just under 70cms long out and has a blade length of 46.5cms.
For its size it is a very weighty sword in the hand. The solid ivory hilt along with the thick quality blade account for this feel and balance in the hand.
The hilt is as noted ivory that is dressed in very rare Niello silver fittings. The quality of decorative aspects in the silver workmanship and that of the applied Niello designs is very fine, a level of craftsmanship that is rarely seem combined in these sword types.
The blade is an exceptional type. It is in original full polish, has a less seldom seen tip type. This and the arrangement of the fullers and the angles of the distal taper speak highly of the sword maker.
The scabbard is a dark hardwood which is bound in silver dress. The upper fitting is fully engraved while the bands are simple plain straps. The lower fitting is missing but a competent silversmith could replicate this section of silver, using the patina left as a template for its shape.

A very rare and high quality Burmese Dah.

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