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Tuareg Telek
Sahel dagger
Short sword
A good example

Tuareg Telek Sahel dagger Short sword A good example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good complete Tuareg dagger, Telek.

This African arm dagger is from northern central Tuareg tribes of Africa.
It has a large unusual hilt style unique to the Tuareg people, a design that it carried over in to other items such as camel saddles.
The hilt is brass bound timber which is also inlaid with brass and other pewter colours pins. It has an iron oval shaped cross guard and a good hand forged blade of their takouba sword style.
The sheath is multiple layers of leather mounted to a thick leather arm loop. The end or drag is mounted in brass and iron and the arm look is secured by brass panels and iron pins.
Both the front and rear faces of the leather are tooled.
In its sheath it measure just under 62cms long, out it is 61.5cms and the blade length is 41.5cms.

A good complete example of an unusual African dagger.

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