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Omani Saif
Fine fittings
Quality blade
A fine example

Omani Saif Oman Sword Kattara Shamshir Sabre Saber Middle East Jordon Quality fittings Quality blade A fine example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and complete Oman Saif.

This sword measures 105cms long in its scabbard. Out it measures just under 102cms long, with a blade length of 81cms.
The hilt is leather wrapped with fine silver wire interlaced around each leather wrapping to create a very fine and impressive design. The pommel is silver and of a tapering square section through to a domed pommel.
The blade is finely forged with a narrow hardened edge and laminated patterning nearer to the edges. The extremely flexible blade is of classical form with a central fuller running through to the spatula shaped tip.
The scabbard is leather over timber with decorative silver dresses iron suspension fittings. The throat is a white metal whilst the drag is a pierced and decorated slver type.
The entire leather surface is decorated front and back with raised motifs, designs created from the leather being tooled over string. The reverse of the scabbard is bound through the centre by a plaited silver wire.

A fine and rare sword from the Oman Sultanate.

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