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Sumatran Keris
Fine hulu & dress
Rare Pamor

Sumatran Keris kris Spear Tombok Java Malay Fine dress Rare Pamor www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine & rare Sumatran Keris in silver dress.

This seldom seen example remains in good condition with only minor loss to the base on the silver dress and a minor edge nick.
The hilt or Hulu is in the Jawa Demam form with carved floral relief seen above and below his crossed arms. The hilt sits within a fine silver cup or pendokok.
The blade is a demure but well crafted straight type with a fine central pamor and a shark tooth or Gigi Yu pamor seen on the edges of the blade.
The sheath's top section or sampir is well carved from fine timber whilst the stem is encased in a fine decorated silver sleeve.

A fine Sumatran Keris.

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