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Rare Hudiedao
Wing Chun sized knives
Rare Hudiedao
19th century

Antique Rare Hudiedao Wing Chun sized knives sabre saber Kungfu Rare Hudiedao 19th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare pair of Chinese fighting knives in the classical Wing Chun size.

These Hudiedao measure 46.5cms long in their sheath, 45.5cms out and have a blade length of 33.5cm, blade which are just under 6cms wide at the base.
The hilts are simple in form but robust. The grips are timber, simply incised to cover the entire surface with a more positive grip area and capped with brass collars, one of which is missing. The grips and collars sit within very thick faceted iron guards.
The blade are narrow but exceptionally strong given the large surface area. The edges are very keen and would not take much to be made "live" again.
This pair of Hudiedao retain the original leather sheath that is in solid complete condition throughout, a rarity since so many of these sword types are never found with sheaths.

A classical set of fighting knives in the very rare Wing Chun size, circa 1900 or earlier.

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