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Vietnamese Katana
Old Japanese blade
in Vietnamese mounts

Vietnamese Katana Guom Kiem Cochine Annam Tonkin Old Japanese blade in Vietnamese mounts www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An interesting katana blade in Vietnamese mounts.

One of the most interesting items seen in a while, a Japanese katana in Vietnamese mounts, a repurposed trophy of war or trade.
The sword is 89cms long and has a blade length of 68cms to the Tsuba or 65.5cms to the edges of the habaki.
The hilt is fixed solidly to the tang, likely in a traditional Vietnamese resin set fashion. It is constructed from various layers of copper sheet with the top layer displaying tradtional Vietnamese designs.
The Tsuba is also copper in a Vietnamese/Japanese style.
The blade is in good condition with a few minor nicks.

A good fighting sword with an interesting history. No scabbard.

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