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A very rare sword
Silver hilted
Lao Thai Daab
A fine fighting sword

A very rare sword Silver hilted Lao Thai Daab Darb Dhaab Dah Dha Krabi Thailand Laos A fine fighting sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare silver hilted Lao Thai sword.

This Daab or Dhaab measures 85cms long in its scabbard, out it is 81.5 with a 61cms long blade.
The hilt is an oval shaped repousse silver type with a flared pommel and fore grip. A silver copper alloy guard separates the hilt from the blade.
The blade remains very sharp and in original untouched condition. Its spine is unusual in that it is flat where many of the type known have a raised medial ridge running through to the top. There are light incised lines running along the top faces of the blade that end about 18cms short of the tip from which small curved incised lines continue in various groupings.
The scabbard is a simple timber that has been lacquered in black with red highlights to the edges and within the lacquer.
Its original suspension baldric is present and is bound in a ceremonial manner for hanging.

A fine silver hilted fighting sword with minor loss and dents to the hilt.

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