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A very rare Daab
A fine Thai sword
Rare hilt type

A very rare Daab Dhaab Darn Dha Dah A fine Thai sword Rare hilt type Antique Laos Thailand Cambodia www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and rare Sword type from the Laos & Thailand regions.

The sword measures 76cms long overall and has a blade length of 51cms.
This sword is from a small and rare group of swords, a subgroup with many varying characteristics but all having the common theme, the long grip style displaying the woven designs said by many to be replicating Japanese swords seen in Thailand during the early 17th century.
The hilt is a solid carved section of timber, likely a native teak, a timber which has been traded for centuries out of Thailand, Laos and Burma.
Its surfaces are in deep relief with floral motifs intersecting woven cord designs.
The repousse silver fore grip and pommel share similar flame motifs or 'lai kranok', within arches, whilst to the centre of the pommel end, a large central floral medallion is seen.
Separating the hilt and blade is a very thick, strong bronze guard of quatrefoil form.
The blade is a simple and study fighting type..It has a pronounced medial ridge running through to the tip, a sharp cutting edge and is free from damage.

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