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A very fine Tulwar
Complete, original scabbard
Gold hilt, spine & scabbard
A very fine blade
asymmetrical fullering
A very fine & rare boys sword

A very fine Tulwar Talwar Shamshir sabre saber enamel Complete original scabbard Gold hilt spine scabbard A very fine blade asymmetrical fullering A very fine and rare sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine, complete and original 18th century Indian Tulwar with a gold dressed hilt and matching scabbard drag.

This rare Indian Tulwar or Talwar measures 76.5cm long in its scabbard, 75cms out and has a blade length of 64cms from the centre of the quillon block to the tip of the blade.
The hilt is if a typical Tulwar form with a long central langet, narrower quillons that end in large domed ends, a faceted upper grip section and a disc pommel with an elaborate pommel dome.
All inner and outer edges of this hilt are covered in a fine, thick gold koftgari with gold central medallions in the grip and quillon block. The darkened non decorated areas of the hilt will likely display s fine Wootz Damascus surfaces pattern if conserved as was common in higher end hilt types such as this example.
The blade is of Persian Shamshir form, made by traditional Indian smiths. The forte is unsharpened for the first 6cms. The surfaces show a very fine mechanical Damascus patterning throughout. The fullering to the faces is of a very rare Asymmetrical form with the right face has a broad middle fuller with smaller double fullers between it and the spine. These double fullers separate near the base and complete a "U-turn" under the central fuller towards the blades edge. The smaller double fullers are separated 15cms from the centre of the quillon block by two arrangements of three incised dots and a single dot centrally between these. Each of the fullers also bear these dot markings.
The left face also has a broader central fuller with two narrow fullers sitting below the spine. These narrow fullers also terminate in triple dots markings.
The blades spine is expertly decorated in elaborate gold Koftgari for the first 17.5cms of the blade.
The scabbard is original to this sword. It carries a fine pierced and gilded silver suspension fitting to the throat with still retains its original pierced suspension toggle. It is entirely covered in intact old canvas backing which once would have been the base of fine velvet, now worn with age. The scabbard end or drag is darkened steel covered in fine and elaborate gold Koftgari en-suite to the swords hilt.

A very fine gold and silver dress sword in a condition and completeness rarely encountered.

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