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Vietnamese Dadao
Engraved blade
Rare smaller sized sword

Vietnamese Dadao Engraved blade Rare smaller sized sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good practical personal side arm from Vietnam.

This sword or small dao trụng measures 68.5cms long with a blade length of 44.5cm.
The long hilt is bound in simple natural twine or cord with the ring pommel having lost its covering. A simple octagonal or bagua shaped guard separates the blade and hilt. The guard is loose but secure on the blade with some effort being made by the previous custodians to bolster up the cord behind the guard to help keep it tight.
The blade is a very fine form with a good sharps edge, a long sweeping clipped tip and good distal taper to the tip and cutting edge. The spine at the blade's tip is pierced and its surfaces are engraved with what appears to be floral motifs to each side with the left face showing a larger design coming off a central rectangle, a similar design to the flute seen in classical Chinese symbolism.

A good and practical fighting sword that is very well balanced for personal protection.

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