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A fine Moro Barong
Elegant form throughout
Long heavy fighting sword

A fine Moro Barong Kris shield spear bangkung Elegant form throughout Long heavy fighting sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and elegant Moro Barong.

This rather atypical Moro Barong measures 66cms long in, 64cms out and has a blade length of 46.5cms and a belly width of 6.5cms.
The timber pommel is exceptionally graceful in appearance and construction. Its elongated Jungayan form is further enhanced by the smooth, highly polished surfaces, which enhance a dark striped timber grain beneath.
The pommel is supported by a silver grip and ferrule.
The broad blade has a thick spine with fine forged distal taper through to the cutting edge and needle like tip. Its un-etched surfaces display typical Moro pattern welded steels and its edge remains sharp.
The fine and rare timber sheath type is complete and without loss or damage. It displays forms through the throat area that resemble some Borneo motifs, whilst the base resembles the spires of many towers and Mosques found throughout the Islamic countries.

A fine and rare Barong type, likely from a seasoned traveller throughout the Sulu archipelago.

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