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Oman or Saudi Jambiya
Fine dress
Very rare blade type
Multi fullered blade

Oman or Saudi Jambiya Jambia Saif Shamshir Kattara Fine dress Very rare blade type Multi fullered blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Jambiya with a very rare blade type.

This fine Jambiya measures just under 34cms long in its sheath. When drawn it is 31.5cms long with a blade length of 18.5cms long to the edge of the silver bolster.
The hilt is timber, a dark fine grained type that displays a deep old gloss patina. Both the pommel end and the outer decorative face are inlaid with silver nails in traditional motifs to the pommel end and a full face of nails resembling the typical silver sheet faces seen on the type.
The blade is a very rare type with each face having three medial ridges. Between each ridge and the cutting edge, all valleys or fullers are hollow forged.
The sheath and belt are covered in a dark brown velvet, worn from age but without rips or damage. To the sheath, strong, high quality cord has been both wrapped and woven in to the velvet creating geometric motifs to the ends and simple banding to the belt supports and body of the sheath.
The belt is covered in match brown cloth and a fawn coloured fabric to the front with matches the cord wrapping.

A good quality Jambiya, with a fine blade in unusual and fine dress.

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