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Syrian Shamshir
A good complete example
Classical Bedouin hilt

Syrian Shamshir sabre saber sword dagger knife A good complete example Classical Bedouin hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good clean and complete Syrian Shamshir with an unusually forged blade type.

This Syrian sabre measures 95cms long in its scabbard, 91.5cms out and had a blade length of 80cms to the centre of the quillon block.
The hilt is a broad classical form with inlaid horn grip slabs suspended over the tang and enclosed with a steel grip strap. The horn slabs are further mounted with an unusual outer steel plate which is decorated with three raised and faceted rosettes. The pommel is encased in a faceted steel pommel cap which is decorated with silver in the koftgari manner. The fore grip is bound with twisted copper thread which also secures the quillon block within the grip. The steel quillon block shows traces of gold decoration remaining to its surfaces.
The Shamshir type blade remains in good condition throughout and its edge sharp.
Within the faces of the blade, an unusual forging technique can be seen, being in the manner of the classical Turkish twist core or ribbon core, but in within this blade, the rods have been forged together without the classical twist often seen in Yataghan and Pala with this blade being more akin in design to the Tibetan hairpin blade but without a visible return.
The scabbard remains complete and in good condition throughout. The steel fittings are embellished with silver koftgari designs. The tooled leather covering is solid with zigzag line motifs to both sides and raised edges around the suspension fittings.

A good solid and complete example.

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