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Chinese sword
A very good Jian

Chinese sword A very good Jian sabre saber epee dao dha dadao Qing www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good Chinese straight sword, Jian.

This example is in original, as found condition and remains is excellent condition throughout.
The sword measures 95.5cms long in its scabbard, just under 93cms out and has a blade length of 74.5cms to the mouth of the guard or 77cms to the tang.
The hilt is tight and with no movement. The timber grip is wire bound and lacquered. It retains an original partial tassel or lanyard and is capped with a simple brass collar and lobed pommel. The open mouthed guard is of a very long standing form of a tigers face within cloud, with the Chinese Character for King. The Chinese character (Wang, king) features three transverse lines representing the heaven, people and earth respectively. When linked by the vertical line "|", a character comes into being representing the one owning the absolute authority of the world, the king, a suitable marking for a Taoist's sword and exorcism rites.
The blade is of double edged elliptical cross section form. It's surfaces on the forte are decorated with strong Taoist exorcism characters to one face and a dragon chasing a flaming pearl to the other. The blade is of considerable heft and little flax. There is a single narrow fuller to the mid section of the blade and seven star inlay, features seen on both sides of the sword.
The scabbard is of the same construction as the grip, being lacquer and wire bound timber. Three simple repousse bronze fittings further secure the timber in place with the upper fittings having suspension loops attached.

A very good Jian throughout, in well preserved, original, untouched condition. As found.

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