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Khyber knife
Wootz blade & bolster
Afghanistan, Northern India
Great Western Frontier

Khyber knife Wootz blade bolster Afghanistan Northern India Great Western Frontier www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and large Rhino hilted knife from the North Indian & Khyber pass regions.

This fine and rare example measures 57cms long in its sheath, 51.5cms out and has a blade length of 37.5cms to the edge of the bolster.
The hilt is comprised of a pair of exceptional grip slabs over brass plates which are pinned through the tang and finished with a simple grip strap and faceted bolsters, both of which may be wootz steel. As seen in the images, the bolster is decorated with gold koftgari embellishments.
The blade is of classical Khyber knife form with a strong and pronounced "T" spine, but is a shorter variant, a type rarely seen. The blades surfaces show a fine Wootz steel surface. Its edge is sharp, its tip is full and the strong bevelled edges are in full polish as is typical from swords and knives from these northern regions.
The sheath is leather over timber with a simple repousse cover to the base. There are simple tooling designs throughout the face and it remains in exceptional condition, as does the entire knife.

A fine and rare example.

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