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Tajong Keris
A fine example
Fine carving
A fine 9 luk Saras blade

Tajong Coteng Malay Kris Penghulu Patani Patanni Keris A fine example Fine carving A fine 9 luk Saras blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Tajong Keris, Northern Malaysian Peninsula, Kelantan/Patani region.

The warriors Keris.

This rare Tajong keris remains in fine condition throughout.
In its sheath, it measures 45.5cms tall. Out it is 42.5cms long and carries a blade which is 33.5cms long.
The Kingfisher hilt or hulu is carved from a very dark and well selected section of kemuning wood.
The Tajong Keris carving is considered the pinnacle of the Malay wood carvers ability, with many months and in many cases, years of preparation was involved.
Rich contrasting grains can be seen through the upswept beak, across the crown and down the throughout its back. The base of the hilt displays a very deep warm rubbed age patina.
The blade is a fine 9 luk Pandai Saras blade. It is without a contrasting pamor which is correct for the region but clear and extremely well controlled longitudinal forging can be seen throughout the blades surfaces. The base features remain crisp, its edges are sharp and the tip is full.
The timber sheath is also finely carved from a very well selected timber which displays a beautiful starburst pattern to the outer face and plain grains to the inner face.

A fine example of the rare Northern Malaysian, Southern Thailand warriors Keris.

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