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Caucasian Kindjal
A large fighting knife
A fine blade
Silvered dress

Caucasian Kindjal Shashka Sashqua Tsar Russian Georgian Tiflis A large fighting knife A fine blade Silver dress www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A Caucasian Kindjal, a fine fighting knife.

This example of a Kindjal measures just under 56cms long in its sheath. Out it is 54cms long and carries a broad 41cms long blade.
Of a typical double edged, full tang construction, this Kindjal wears a walrus ivory outer grip slab and a dark horn inner slab.
These grip slabs remain in fine condition throughout and display a very warm age patina. Each slab is pinned in three places with two large raised rivets at each end which aid with both grip and manoeuvrability in the hand.
The blade is of an elliptical cross section with offset fullering. Its edges are sharp and its needle tip is full.
The sheath has a simple iron suspension band and ring, en-suite with the large practical iron rivets on the hilt. It is further dressed in a leather covering and silver plated copper fittings which bear floral motifs with geometrical borders.

A fine, large and practical fighting knife from the Caucasian Mountains.

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