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A very fine Daab
Laos, 19th century
Ivory and silver hilt

A very fine Daab Laos Thai Thailand Lanna Burma Burmese Dah Dha Dhaab Darb 19th century Ivory and silver hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine ivory hilted Daab in silver dress.

This fine example measures 91.5cms in its scabbard, 91cms out and has a blade length of 56.5cms.
The Silver fittings and pommel type are typical of the Shan Burmese Dah types seen both east and west of the Shan states. This particular Daab further displays a deep curvature and blade type typically seen in to the Thai and Laos regions, along with an ivory grip type, length of hilt and blade profile favoured in the Laos regions.
The blade is a little over 77mm thick, carries a razor sharp edge and a lotus bud tip. The faces show a single incised fuller below the peaked spine.
The dark rich timber of the scabbard is not without fault but is solid. It is bound in silver fittings and a very old collection tag remains intact.

A fine Daab with a very graceful curve and fine features.

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