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A very fine Kukri
18th century
Northern India
Complete, RARE

A very fine Kukri Nepal Gurka Gorkha 18th century Hanshee Northern India CompleteRARE www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and rare 18th century Kukri, complete with original scabbard.

This heavy kukri measures 51cms long in its sheath, 49.5cms out and has a blade length of 36.5cms.
The Kukri is a full tang construction with finely carved bone grip slabs which are pinned in four places.
The double grip rings of an unusual form in that it it starts with an incision which forms the edge of a valley before is peaks at a double ring. These forms are carried through to the full tang.
The edges of the exposed tang and the surfaces of the bolster are decorated in a gold Koftgari floral motif.
The archaic blade form carries a deep, single forged fuller beneath the spine, a fuller which runs from the bolster to midway along the blade. It is over 8mm thick at the base of the spine, just under 8mm at the midpoint and 2.5mm at the tip.
The base of the blade is 3.5cms wide, the belly 5cms and overall the blade has a 9cm drop. The long slender profile form of the blade would be considered Sirupate, but the heft of the Kukri may not.
This Kukri has been well cared for throughout the centuries and has retained its open back sheath. Despite the timber core now being very thin and worn within, it is largely intact with only a minor split half way along the cutting edge.

A very fine and rare Kukri in excellent condition throughout.

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