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A rare Madu
Indian buckler
Spiked war shield

A rare Madu Indian buckler Spiked war shield Dhal Fakir Fakir's horns www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare fighting shield from India, Madu.

This pair of iron tipped fighting horns measure 85cms from tip to tip.
The iron buckler face measures 17cms across and has a rare central iron spike that protrudes 5cms from the buckler face.
The black buck horns are tipped with iron spikes which are 11cms long, including the socket and capped with iron at the base. The horns are pinned together with long iron spike which also attach the buckler face to the horn. Without this iron face, the form is known as Fakir's horns, with the shield, a Madu.
The shield face is decorated with bronze rosettes to the centre and an applied bronze edge.

A very dangerous fighting shield that is in very good condition throughout, a buckler which carries a very rare central spike to the face.

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