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Vietnamese dadao
A very large dao trụng
A large broad blade
Engraved blade

Vietnamese dadao guom kiem A very large dao trụng A large broad blade Engraved blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good large Vietnamese war sword.

This large Vietnamese Dao measures 96cms long and has a blade length of 66.5cms.
The ring pommel is an extension of the tang which is wound back on to itself to form the sturdy tang, an aspect also used in suspension of these swords when travelling via a simple sling between it and the hole seen on the dorsal peak of the blades tip. This pommel is 6cms across.
The long grip is covered in a thick woven twine which is tied off behind the small disc guard. Beneath these wrappings, small timber slabs are typically found to add some girth to the tang.
The blade is both thick and broad with fine distal taper through to the cutting edge and tip. The spine is 8.5mm at the base and 3cms wide. At the tip, the blade is widest at 9cms.
The blades surfaces are decorated to both sides with auspicious markings, markings seen at the base, midsection and tip.

A good and capable war sword from Vietnam.

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