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A fine Kachin Dao
Jinghpaw Dah, Burma
Silver and laq hilt
Heavy hairpin blade

A fine Kachin Dao Jinghpaw Dah Dha Daab Dhaab Burma Silver and laq hilt Hairpin blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and heavy Jinghpaw Dah with red Lac and silver hilt, hairpin blade.

This hard to find example measures 70.5cms long, with a blade length of 54cms. The blades spine is 8mm thick at the base, with good distal taper through to the tip which is 3mm thick. The base of the blade is 3.9cms wide which tapers through the waist and widens to 8cms at the tip. The cutting edge is a broad bevelled edge which widens through the tip. The blade surfaces are pattern welded with a hairpin return seen to the top of the blade.
The large hilt measure 4cms across at the silver ferrule and tapers through to the pommel which again widens to be 7cms tall and 2.5cms wide. The grip is bound in fibrous material and covered in a thick red Lac. The pommel is bone, pinned to the hilt with a simple inlaid motif.

A fine example of the type with a very heavy, functional and warlike blade.

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