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A rare Malay Keris
Anak Alang keris
Hippo tooth Hilt

A rare Malay Keris Anak Alang keris Hippo tooth Hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good rare ivory hilted Malaysian Anak Alang Keris.

This example measures 33cms long in its sheath, and likely would have been closer to 35cms long in the scabbard if the sampir was not broken and repaired short. Out it is 33cms long and has a blade length of 25.5cms long.
The hilt or hulu is carved from a hippo tooth, one of the most common ivories used in the Malay states. It is free from loss and damaged and has developed a very fine age patina. The hilt sits within a thick bronze alloy cup or pendokok which is engraved with floral motifs.
The blade is a rare Anak Alang type with good base feature and is in as found un-touched condition.
As noted, the sheath's sampir is at fault but a traditional repair of horn or timber could be made to restore this rare piece to as it once was. The missing butnut could also be replaced with the same material.

A good and rare keris blade with a desirable ivory hilt at well below market value of individual pieces.

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