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Vietnamese Kiem
An Exquisite example
One of a matched pair
The finest repousse silver
Inlaid turtle shell veneer
Large ivory grip

Vietnamese Kiem Guom Jian sword saber Sabre Epee An Exquisite example The finest repousse silver Inlaid turtle shell veneer Large ivory grip www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


One of a pair of exceptional Vietnamese presentation Kiem.

This very fine sword measures 97cms long in its scabbard, 91.5cms out, with a blade length of 71cms long.
The large oversized hilt displays some of the finest and most detailed repousse silver designs known. The large ivory grip measures 4.6cms wide x 3.9cms thick at its widest point. The crispness and depth of the rampant silver 4 clawed dragons is second to none, along with the presence of applied, raised and tapering twisting whiskers is further testament to the master craftsman's abilities. Typically, the 4 clawed dragon was reserved for members and extended members of the Royal family.
The pommel measures 7.5cms wide and 4cms thick. Its surfaces are adorned with the same exceptional silverwork seen elsewhere on this sword, being a rampant 4 clawed Dragon amongst clouds.
The guard measures 4.6cms thick and 15cms across.
The scabbard is a very rare type. Whilst turtle shell veneer is sometimes seen on several types of Vietnamese swords, scabbard of turtle shell veneer and Mother of Pearl inlay are very rare and seems to be reserved for the higher quality presentation grade swords.
The entire scabbard decoration, being both the Mother of Pearl inlay and the exceptional repousse silver carry a theme of floral motifs through. Each inlaid face varies in its motifs, whilst the silver fittings remain the same on each side. From top to bottom, the silver throat fitting displays a lotus in full flower, the MOP, a rose like bramble with a butterfly atop of the main tendril. The mid section silver fitting shows a differing floral motif to each side of the suspension fitting. The next MOP inlaid section depicts long branches and the spring flowers of the peach tree with a bird perched mid section and the base of the scabbard is of bamboo shoots in repousse silver. Of note too, each of the silver scabbard fittings carry sharp flaming designs to their sides.
The reverse of the scabbard retains the same silver designs but the inlay varies as noted above. The upper section appears to be lotus flowers in full bloom, growing from a writhing vine like stem, again a butterfly sits midsection. The lower inlaid section is of a bamboo thicket, again retaining a bird perched midsection.
The blade is housed at the base in a silver tonkou which is an integral part of the large guard. The blade itself is if typical demure Vietnamese form and is in full polish.

Overall, this presentation sword is exceptional throughout. The quality of, and attention to detail of all aspects in rarely seen.

A notable addition to any collection.

The second sword to be listed shortly.

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