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Chinese Ox-tail sabres
Shuang Niuweidao
Double fighting swords
A large & rare pair

Chinese Ox-tail sabres Shuang Niuweidao Double fighting swords Jian saber www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and large pair of rare Chinese fighting swords.

This large pair of Ox-tail sabres or Niuweidao are in outstanding, 100% original condition throughout and are presented, untouched, in as found condition.
Overall, in their sheath, these swords measure 94.5cms long. Out they are 94cms long and each has a blade length of 76cms.
The base of the blade is just under 4cms across, with the belly being just over 5cms across.
Each hilt retains its original cloth grip bindings, bindings which were once a rich blue in colour, as can be seen by the colour retained to the inside of each grip where sun and age has not worn away the colour. The bound grip sits within a large flared pommel and a simple brass collar. Each tang is peened over a small engraved decorative disc which sits atop each pommel.
The guards are each of a trefoil cup design, when sheathed together they form a quatrefoil motif.
Each blade is forged with very fine precision. Each face has very crisp and uniform fullers running through to the tip of the blade and when struck or plucked with a fingernail, a clear bell ring and long resonance can be heard.
Each blade is 7mm thick at the base. There is an acute distal taper along the spine, through to the tip and good distal taper to the cutting edge, with the edge further enhanced by a narrow bevelled cutting edge.
The scabbard retains all of its original fittings, mounted over a sanded and dyed ray skin. The ray skin and fittings are without loss or damage.

A rare pair of Civilian fighting sword in an outstanding and original condition throughout. A set that would grade up extremely well and with little effort if desired.

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