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A fine Malay Keris
Kedah Saras
stunning timbers
A fine blade

A fine Malay Keris Kedah Saras stunning timbers A fine blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine example of a northern Malay Keris with a fine Saras blade.

This example measures 49cms long in its sheath, 47.5cms out and has a blade length just under 40cms long.
The entire keris is in very fine condition throughout, whilst the blade is covered in light staining.
The stylish Patani style Jawa Deman hilt or hulu is a very well carved example, being carved from a finely grained timber that displays high contrast dark striping. The hilt is without a pendokok.
The straight Saras blade type appears to be in unwashed original condition. It's base features are crisp, with only minor wear. Fine forging lines and a "lava" like patterns are also seen in this area of the blade.
Light stains now cover most of the blades surfaces.
The sheath of this keris has been well preserved, with no major blemishes, cracks or loss, although there appears to be an older repair just below the sampir, now secured firmly in place.

A fine and original old Kedah keris that fits beautifully in the hand and has pleasant form and function.

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