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A fine Malay Keris
Bugis Terenggau
Fine condition throughout

A fine Malay Keris Kris Bugis Terenggau Fine condition throughout www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and complete Bugis Malay Keris.

This example measures 43cms long in its sheath, 41cms long out and has a blade length of 32cms.
The hulu is of the Jawa Deman type with some interesting incised design motifs. The figure sits within a fine silver cup or pendokok, a cup which is attached to an octagonal base.
The blade has been well preserved and is in excellent condition throughout. Clear pamor are visible with dark bevelled edges which present this blade as near hexagonal cross section.
The timbers dressing this keris are fine and well carved types. The base of the dress is finished with an ivory cap or butnut. A minor loss is seen to one edge of the butnut.

A fine Malay keris throughout.

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