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A Fine and rare sword
Laos Darb, rare fittings
Outstanding blade type
Unusual cross section
Pattern welded blade

A Fine and rare sword Laos Darb rare fittings<br>Outstanding blade type Unusual cross section Pattern welded blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare sword type with a very high quality unique blade.

This Laos Dah or Darb measures 83.5cms long in its scabbard. Out is it 80.5cms long and carries a heavy blade of unique form that is 50cms long.
The hilt is a carved timber type with fine decorative brass/bronze fittings. The waisted fore-grip is intensely decorated in both deep and shallow relief. It widens through the timber mid section and again narrows towards the unusual ball pommel. Both the brass/bronze and timber share similar detail to the incised designs. At the hilt and blade junction sits a thick brass/bronze spacer.
As mentioned, the blade is a fine and heavy fighting type of unusual and unique form. The spine is just under 12mm thick at the base. It is flat with bevelled edges which transforms to a simple raised medial ridge approx 8cms from the base and continues through to the tip. In profile, the blade is wide at the base, narrows gently within the forte but again widens at about the same point as the spine transitions, through to the belly. The tip of the blade in profile is also unusual in that approx 7-8cms from the tip, it drops down and then curves up through to the tip.
Each blade face carries a broad and rather deep single fuller to each side, with narrow incisions above and below this fuller. Clear pattern welding is seen throughout the blade surfaces as is a clear and cloudy harmon that runs through to the tip.
The scabbard, as with the hilt is a quality hardwood dressed in brass/bronze fittings with design elements to each end the same as the hilt. Further engraved designs akin to a bird, perhaps a peacock or swan grace the upper and lower fittings.

A fine, hefty and unique fighting sword

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