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A large fighting sword
Laos Thai regions
Silver dressed Daab

A large fighting sword Lanna Ayutthaya Rattanakosin Ayudhya Laos Thai regions Cambodia Silver dressed Daab Dhaab Darb Dha Dah www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A large and rare Dhaab of rank from the Laos regions of old Thailand.

This fine fighting sword measures 97cms long in its scabbard. Out is it 94cms long and has a blade length of 61cms.
The thick silver dressed hilt is generally speaking, typical of the north eastern regions of Thailand and in to Laos. This example points further in to the Laos regions buy designs within the octagonal mid grip and the bulbous fore-grip with these large domed collars also seen on fine spears from Laos.
The fore grip is of a flared octagonal cross section which is further supported by silver plaited wire and plates. Throughout the grip, it is a combination of silver beadwork and various plaited and woven wire designs that encase it. The large thick silver mid grip displays traditional Laotian motifs which have been seen on many silver and bronze artefacts through the centuries. The round pommel is also a typical trait of swords from Laos. The end of this pommel displays a slightly raised star like motif, possibly evidence of a small spire that once protruded from it.
The blade is over 1cms thick at the spine from where is distally tapers acutely to the tip and cutting edge. Its edge is very sharp, the blade slightly pliable and it has a very rare and subtle central fuller running most of its length.
The scabbard is also fully encased in silver with unusual beaded edging top and bottom.

A very fine military fighting sword of rank.

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