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Peurawot, Pinang knife
Extremely fine & rare
Northern Sumatra, Aceh,
Board 3 Kelling Hall, number 26

Peurawot Pinang knife extremely rare Northern Sumatra, Aceh Board 3 Kelling Hall, number 26 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A stunning and extremely rare knife from Northern Sumatra, Kelling Hall Collection.

A very rare status knife called a Peurawot. Traditionally these knife types were used to ceremonially to cut Betel nut and distinguish the owner of such a knife.This example measures 35cms long in its sheath, 32csm out and has a blade length of 21cms.
The knife's hilt is of carved horn in Hulu Puntung style with the narrowed and open worked pommel. The grip and fore grip and bound with three simple Suasa collars.
The blade is of a simple forward curving, single edged form with a narrowing waist. With the spine being 7.5mm thick at the base, the Peurawot carries some weight to it.
The sheath type is an exceptional example throughout, from the ergonomics of the form when held with the thumb and forefinger, to the finest Sumatran carving within the bellowing floral motifs and superbly incised ink work to its surfaces. What sets this example apart from most is it sheath, in that the large carved roundel is very rarely seen.

A very fine and rare knife with impeccable provenance.

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