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A very fine exhibition Najava
Seville, dated 1888
A large knife, 76cms open

A very fine exhibition Najava Seville dated 1888 A large knife 76cms open Sevillia Toledo Madrid Albacete www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Sevillia Exhibition Navaja, dated 1888.

This fine and large Spanish folding knife in in excellent condition throughout.
When open this Navaja measures 76.5cms long, closed it is 41cms.
The knife displays all the classical Seville craftsmanship, inlaid horn, decorative brass work, filed back spring, leaf shaped blade and valour motto to its surfaces.
The dark horn grip with blonde highlights is decorated in just such a manner. It is bound in long decorative brass end caps which display numerous design motifs. Its mid section is bound in six inlaid bands and numerous discs surrounding a larger central medallion. There are dozens of other minor inlaid discs and pique work throughout each face.
Atop of the grip slabs is a large and strong back spring with file finished edges that locks tight in place over the large brass encased multi toothed ratchet.
The blade displays a brass covered liner at the pivot point, its surfaces engraved.
The blade itself is a long leaf shaped blade of classic Seville style. To one face is a large arrangement of floral motifs, to the other, famous valour motto, roughly translating to, "if this viper itches for you, there is no remedy in the pharmacy.

A very fine example of the type.

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