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A very fine Talibong
Northern philippines
Luzon or Visayans region

A very fine Talibong Northern philippines Luzon or Visayans region kris Kali Barong Kampilan www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and rare Talibong.

This rare fighting swords from the northern regions of the Philippines remains in excellent condition throughout, it is a extremely well preserved example of the type.
In its scabbard, it measures just over 64cms long, out it is 60.5cms long and carries a blade which is 45.5cms long. In the hand, this is a very hefty sword with considerable forward weight.
The carved timber hilt is of classic Talibong form with the pommel displaying beautiful deep relief carving of geometric and floral designs. Its fore-grip is bound in fine rattan, is free from loss or damage and displays a deep rich brown patina.
The deeply forward curved blade is just a fraction under 1cms thick at the base and has the thumb notch to the base of the spine. The left face of the blade is flat, whilst the right face displays a very broad bevelled cutting edge, an edge that remains very sharp.
The scabbard also remains in excellent, near perfect condition throughout. the throat is simply decorated whilst the base is an elaborately carved type with the profile resembling a rooster. The right face also carries a raised, carved and pierced suspension loop.

A very fine example of the type, a rare sword which is seldom seen.

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