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Persian Shamshir
Rare blade features
Signed blade
For restoration

Persian Shamshir Tulwar kilij kilic sabre sword spear shield rare blade features Signed blade For restoration www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare Persian? or Central Asian? Shamshir.

This is a restoration project for a rare Shamshir blade and hilt.
The length overall is 87cms long with a blade length of 76cms, measured to the centre of the quillon block.
The hilt is timber slabs which show remains of a donkey leather covering and simple brass rosettes. The pommel is deeply canted inwards and capped with a steel end cap of unusual deeply engraved surfaces and sectioned sides. The original quillon block is retained but is at fault with separation of the steel to one side and age wear and tear, although, skilled hands will be able to restore this.
The blade is signed Hassan to the right face of the forte. It has an unusual arrangement of narrow and broad fullering throughout its surfaces.
The blade surfaces have been cleaned but not polished. The cleaning shows a crystalline pattern throughout and a clear hardened edge running deeply on the percussion curve of the blade.

A nice rare Shamshir for restoration with a rare signed blade.

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