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A good old Patani machete
Rare example
Fine blade

A good old Patani machete Rare example Fine blade kris keris www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good example of a old Patani decorative machete.

This rare figural Parang Ginah measures 68cms long. The blade length, including the bolster is 53cms long.
The thick turned wooden hilt shows a worn and dark patina throughout and is free from cracks, loss or damage. Its spire pommel is pierced, likely for a thin wrist lanyard.
The octagonal bolster is 3cms across which narrows to just under 2cms thick at the base of the blade.
The faces of the blade display some very unusual pattern welded surfaces with pamor like qualities to the left face.
The tip of the blade appears to be lost.

A good and very unusual farm implement that later turned votive item and weapon.

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