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A fine Northern Shan Dah
Fine silver dressed sword

A fine Northern Shan Dah Dha daab dhaab darb sword Thai Laos Kachin Fine silver dress www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine all silver dressed Shan Dah.

This example measures 76cms in its scabbard, 69cms out and has a blade length of 49.5cms.
The silver dressed hilt retains in full the silver wire mesh mid grip which is so often damaged or lost and it remains in very good condition.
The light blade is razor sharp and of a form typically seen further north towards Kachin regions.
The scabbard displays very fine and decorative twisted wire motifs to the border of the silver dress, whilst all other applied silver wire decorations the the hilt and scabbard are extremely fine and expertly crafted with the utmost precision.

A fine example of a type that is becoming much harder to find in any condition.

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