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A fine Seville Navaja
Blonde horn grip
Dated 1892

A fine Seville Navaja Blonde horn grip Dated 1892 Spanish Spain knife Punal www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Seville Navaja with date and a rare attribution.

This fine and complete example of a large Seville Navaja measures 45cms long open and 24cms closed.

The fine leaf shaped blade is hand engraved to the left face, the right face contains one of the more unusual and rarely seen dated attributions. Loosely translated, the inscription reads "I am Andalusian from Seville, year 1892, 19th century grace."
The final phrase is a most unusual one, perhaps a reference to the changing times within the manufacturing industry and a point to make about old world quality before the century's end. It was within the next two decades that the industry do change vastly with the introduction of modern machinery for Navaja Manufacture.

The blade horn handle is of high quality and beautifully polished. it is capped with engraved brass fittings and is complete with the turned end finial.
The knife remains in excellent condition through, free from loss, defect or lateral movement at the pivot point.

A fine addition to any Navaja or Spanish knife collection.

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