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A Brazilian Gaucho knife
A fine example, rare type

A Brazilian Gaucho knife A fine example of a rare type punal cuchillo dagger facon Uruguay Argentina Brazil www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine rare 19th century Brazilian Gaucho knife with a silver hilt and nickel silver sheath.

This example measures 29.5cms long in its sheath, out is 28cms and carries a 17cm blade excluding the bolster.
The hilt is made from a heavy silver, likely over a timber core. The pommel end of the silver dress is of a fluted spiralling design with a capstan pommel tip through which the tang is peened.
The blade is well preserved for its age. The fluted cylindrical bolster supports the chiselled steel forte which drops through the spine to a strong and full needle point.
The sheath is all metal and appears to be a lesser quality silver, likely nickel silver. The surfaces are engraved floral motifs to the outer face and classic Gaucho motifs on the inner surface and belt clip.
the belt clip is complete with a silver safety chain, an aspect rarely seen retained on these old knives.

A fine and classic example.

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