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An Oman Terrs buckler
mid to late 19th century
A very good example

An Oman Terrs buckler shield mid to late 19th century A very good example Omani Khanjar Jambiya Jambia Kattara Saif www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good example of the Oman Terrs Buckler.

This example is 25cms wide and sits 15cms tall.
The origins are rather clouded, though certainly the East African coast is where the material was sourced from, being pressed and turned Hippopotamus hide with this particular shield being 1.5cms thick. The shield was used by Arab traders throughout Africa, Zanzibar and the Southern Arabian peninsula.
The two star shaped bronze medallions on the outside are anchor points for the very thick hide handle on the inner side of the shield.
Thick bronze pins hold this handle in place with one end peened to the outside of the star medallions and the inner end having a large faceted and pierced lobe through which thick bronze loops pass.
One loop is retained on this shield, loops that were used to sling these shield on to warriors backs when not in use.

An increasingly harder to find shield type.

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