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A large Sulu Kris
As found condition
Large heavy inlaid blade

A large Sulu Kris Sundang As found condition Minor loss and issues Large heavy inlaid blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A large and heavier than normal fighting example with a hexagonal cross section.

In its sheath, this Sundang measures 70cms long. Out of the sheath the Sundang is 66cms long and carries a blade that is 54.5cms long, 11.5cms wide at the gonjo and 4cms wide throughout the blade.
This Sundang is in as found condition and good condition for its age.
The hilt is carved from a finely selected piece of Kemuning wood and display the desirable grains that it is so famous for in the Malay regions of SEA. The grip section is bound with 3 silver bands and a small loss to the tip of the hilt is seen in the images.
The blade is of a rare hexagonal cross section, clearly seen in the forte. Above the forte, to both sides, are silver inlaid floral motifs that sit at the base of deep broad fuller that runs through to the tip of the blade. The cutting edges are keen and in good condition.
The sheath's sampir is carved from some exceptional Kemuning wood with all facets displaying a very fine grain. The remainder of the sheath is of a simple tight grained timber with minor losses to the base and rattan binding remaining on the lower sections of the sheath. A small early collection or museum tag is present to one side of the sheath.

A good solid early fighting sword with a heavy blade of rare cross section. Would grade up very well with minor effort.

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