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A good rare Fang knife
Central Africa
Fine engraving & wrap

A good rare Fang knife Central Africa Fine engraving & wrap www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good honest example of the traditional knife of the Fang tribes of Central Africa.

This example measures 56cms sheathed, 48cms out and carries a blade with a length of 32cms from the tp to the wire binding at the fore grip.
A small tuft of hair remains secure to the centre of the pommel. The timber grip displays a warm patina throughout with old minor losses.
The blade is tight and bound to the hilt with brass wire which would benefit from a light clean or brush to remove old polishing paste residue.
The blade is very well formed. What appears at first glance to be a small central fuller is a subtle raised medial ridge which offers good reinforcement without compromising flexibility.
The timber sheath remains in good condition for its age. The monitor lizard covering has shrunk and pulled down but is healthy and only shows a minor loss to the bottom edge. The brass carrying loop is retained.

A good complete example of the type.

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