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A large Ottoman Jambiya
18th century Khanjar
Balkan states
Sham Wootz blade

A large Ottoman Dagger Turkish 18th century Khanjar Balkan states Sham Wootz blade blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good large Ottoman Jambiya with Walrus ivory hilt, Turkey circa 1800.

This Khanjar or Jambiya measures 52.5cms long in its sheath. Out it measures 44cms long with a blade length of 32cms.
The large Walrus tusk hilt shows stable age cracks to its surfaces of none are open, they are purely cosmetic. The same darkened lines can be seen around the stunning marble like inner section of the tusk seen on the pommel end.
The faces of the hilt are faceted with subtle corners that form an octagonal cross section to the hilt, a trait more often seen in Turkish examples from the 17th and 18th centuries.
The blade is a simple type, strong in its elliptical cross section and of classical form. The blade does under magnification display a clear sham Wootz watered steel in the forte with the pattern not clearly seen throughout the rest of the blade. A professional polish and etch will certainly reveal much more surface activity.
The sheath is silver gilded/washed over a base metal, perhaps copper and it remains in exceptional condition for its age.

A rare example of the type, likely dating earlier than the circa 1800 estimate.

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