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Albacete Navaja
43.5cms open
A good early example

Albacete Navaja Seville Sevillia couteau 43.5cms open A good early example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good rare example.

This Navaja, likely from Albacete Spain, measures 43,5cms open, 23.5cms closed and has a blade length of 20cms.
The grip is blonde horn capped in traditional engraved brass end caps. The blade is of a fine form with a dropped point and re-curved tip. Its spine is file finished and the left face of the blade displays deep floral engraving and what appears to be a marker's mark in the forte. The floral relief shows remnants of a red enamel back ground.
The back spring is very strong, although there is a very small amount of movement within.

A good early example.

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