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Albacete Navaja
97cms open
Exhibition size
Engraved blade
Early example

Albacete Navaja Madrid Seville 97cms open Exhibition size Engraved blade Early example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A large 19th century Albacete Navaja.

Closed this Navaja measures 51cms long, open it is 97cms long.
The handle is thick rolled brass with simple designs engraved to its surfaces. The brass body is supported by a a very thick and strong back spring that runs for two thirds of its length.

The blade has a 13 tooth ratchet. Its left face has three rudimentary fullers and a line of small Spanish script above and floral decorations below. The right face in plain. The tip of the blade has a long deep clipped tip and false back edge that is 20cms long.

The Navaja is at fault in that the flat of the locking back strap has worn through with use and age but it thick enough at the sides that a competent craftsman could restore this with ease. (Now Restored)

A good rare large size.

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