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A very rare Kukri
18th Century Kothimora
Long handled Kukri

A very rare Kukri 18th Century Hanshee Long handled Kukri kothimora Nepal Nepalese knife sword kora www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare long handed (Hanshee) Kothimora Kukri, 18thcentury.

This very rare example measures 46cms from centre of pommel to the tip of the blade and has a blade length of 33.5cms.
The kukri is of slender form with a deep drop of 8.5cms. Its carved ivory hilt measure 14.5cms long and has visible cracks throughout as seen in the photos.
The scabbard is not original to this kukri, although it is of the period and very rare in its own standing. The karda and chakmak are of a very early and rare form. Their surfaces remain as found and uncleaned, yet despite appearances, one clearly displays incised patterns to one faces.
What sets these examples apart from most is their hilts, they are made from conch shell.
The scabbard timbers are in poor condition and this kukri does not easily fit in to the scabbard. As seen in the over laid image, the proportions are correct, however the throat angle is slightly off.

Regardless of the marriage of scabbard and Kukri, this is an exceptionally rare find in today's market and a desirable item amongst collectors.

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