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A very fine Navaja
Albacete, Spain
19th century

A very fine Navaja knife Naife Punal dagger Albacete Spain 19th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good large Antique Navaja from Albacete, Spain.

This example measure 52cms long when opened, 29.5cms closed and has a blade length when open of 23cms to the "clam shell" bolster.
The blade is a sturdy fighting type that displays a fine clipped back edge and upswept tip.
The surfaces of the blade are engraved to both sides which display red enamel filling te vine motifs.
An unusual aspect of this blade in profile is at the base where a small notch has been perfectly formed, for what purpose I do not know.
The handle is comprised of very fine and well selected blonde horn grip slabs that are decorated with both well formed decorative brass inserts through the mid section and fine brass pin-work above and below the decorative plate, pins that add to a more positive grip.
The ends are capped with brass plate which engraved in a traditional manner.
The back spring is extremely strong and hold in place a 5 tooth ratchet.
The knife retains a pair of very old collection stickers which outline an inventory number and description.

A very good fighting Navaja from the 19th century.

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