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A rare Nias knife
An unusual example
Child's Balato?

A rare Nias knife An unusual example Child's knife Balato spear shield www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good rare Nias Island head hunter knife
A most unusual example of a Nias knife known as Si Euli.

This miniature Nias Balato measures 39.5cms long in its sheath, 38cms out and has a blade length of 26.5cms.
The hilt is a very ergonomic design with a style akin to holding a Keris when gripped. Its form is of classical design with a brass ferrule, slender mid section and an over sized Lasara(mythical creature)pommel with its mouth open and fangs bared.

The blade is of a rare early form with a straight back edge and a forward curved tip that is broader than the forte.
The sheath too is a miniature version of the classic Balato sheath, including a magical amulet basket, a very rare aspect seldom seen on these rare knives that are usually housed in keris like sheaths.
Many Nias swords carry "Magical" amulet baskets in various stages of completion that are formed throughout the owners life. These appear as very simple rattan band basket sometimes empty, others contain carved figures, bronze artefacts, teeth, bones, small skulls and other votive object. Crocodile teeth often adorn very old examples and boars teeth are also seen tied to the outer basket.

A good authentic head hunter's knife from Nias Island.

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