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A very rare Sumatran sword
Rawas Distract Chieftain
Silver dress, Superb blade

A very rare Sumatran sword Rawas Distract Djambi Palembang expedition Chieftain Silver dress Superb blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Sumatran sword attributed to the Rawas district.

This fine and near complete example measures 72.5cms long in its scabbard, 71cms out and has a blade length of 57.5cms.
The simple carved timber hilt displays a rich deep patina to its surfaces with its grip and pommel dressed in silver. The guard is a simple copper disk.
The blade is exceptional throughout. Longitudinal laminations in an almost Tibetan hairpin fashion can be seen beneath its polished surface. Its edge remains dangerously sharp as does the bevelled hatchet tip. It is interesting that the simple disk guard could be considered Japanese influenced and the same can be said for the tip profile from both side and top views. The forte is a thickened block ricasso in the same manner is which known Palembang swords are found. The ricasso faces have been finished in alternating thin and broads flutes running across the blade and encased in silver, again with appearances of a Katana's Habaki
The swords scabbard remains in very good original condition throughout. It has been decorated in silver sheet throughout with one band missing and another slightly detached.

A very rare and fine sword.

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