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A good solid Moro panabas
A desirable blade type
As found, untouched

A good solid Moro panabas kris sundang barong gunong desirable blade type untouched www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good example of a Moro war sword, the Panabas.

This rare Moro sword measures 74.5cms long and carries a broad 41cms long blade. Its spine approx 7mm thick at the base.
The tapering timber hilt is comprised of two carved bamboo sections pressed together with metal rings.
The blade is a beautiful example of Moro craftsmanship. In profile, its lines flow gracefully through to an unusual re-curved tip that adds to the brutal nature of these feared weapons.
Although the Panabas remains uncleaned, it displays very fine and clear laminated surfaces that would look absolutely stunning with a proper polish.

A good rare fighting sword from the southern Philippines.

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