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Ottoman sword for a child
Ultra rare find
Rare horn hilt type

Ottoman sword shamshir kilij kilik pala wootz for a child Ultra rare find Rare horn hilt type Scarf welded blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com



A unique artifact, a boys sword with rhino horn grip, Ottoman empire, 19th century Lviv, Ukraine.

Every once and a while a unique little treasure comes along. Whilst it might not look much at face value, there are some special and rare qualities to consider.
This boys sword is just under 62cms long in its scabbard, 59.5cms long out and having a blade length of 49cms.

The hilt type, particularly the pommel form is the Ukraine, specifically Lviv in the North West.
Swords from this region are very seldom seen and a child’s sword of the type is even rarer.
The hilt is rhino horn and of a very fine finish and quality. The slabs are separated by a grip strap which is profusely engraved with very tight lines running between the slabs.
The demure blade of shamshir profile has been expertly forged with clear scarf welds seen along the spine. It it both strong and supple.
The blade is dressed in classic Ottoman style. It's timber core is bound in quality donkey hide and stitched with detailed silver coiled thread as was the fashion during the late Ottoman period. The suspension fittings are in a simple brass fashion that may have once retained a gilt wash or finish. The designs present on the fittings are simple stamped six petal flowers bound together through a vine like motif.

Boys swords are some of the rarest sword types within all cultural spheres. Ukraine types even rarer.

A sword type only afforded by the wealthier families in 19th century Lviv, one with all the right quality of materials seen in larger swords of the type.

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