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Shan fighting swords
A rare pair

Shan fighting swords Krabi-Krabong Dha Dah darb dharb Daarb Thai Laos Burma Burmese A rare pair www.swordsantiqueweapons.com



A good pair of fighting swords, Shan states, Burma.

These swords both measure 77cms long in a straight line from tip to tip. One blade is just over 49.5cms long, the other 50.5cms long. These swords are well balanced, razor sharp and meant for work. They move very lightly and are nimble in the hand but have a decent weight to them due to the dense timber grips and thick metal collars.
The blades have a fine incised groove running just below the spine and each has dot motifs on both faces of their ricasso.
Their spines are raised through to the lotus bud tip, their edges remain sharp and a clear and dark inserted edge can be seen on each blade.

A good and rare pair of fighting swords

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